The estate lies in the heart of the Styrian winegrowing region (Slovene Hills) at the altitude of 380 m. The main building with the living area, the cellar, and the extension is located at the highest point of the estate. Due south are the vineyards while the north of the estate is occupied by a forest and a small orchard. The total area of the estate is about 2.5 ha (25,201m2 or 271,261 ft2). Approximately 8,200 m2 of this area is covered by an active vineyard. Moreover, planting rights have been acquiredfor additional 7,167 m2 of land. The estate has one of the best winegrowing locations due to its exposure to the sun (from the south and the south-west) and a favourable soil composition (marl and sandstone). The estate is surrounded by well-known vineyards and wineries such as: Mulec, Fabijan, Bračko, Kraner-Plateis, Šumenjak, Matečko, Harc...

The estate is administratively a part of the municipality of Pesnica and a local community Jakobski Dol.

• Total area: 2.5 ha

• Active vineyard: 0.8 ha

• Planting rights for 0.7 ha

• The main building: 300 m2

vinograd - vrsta


All plots of land together form a rounded unit that is divided by an asphalt road on the ridge of the hill. On the side of the road opposite to the main building and the vineyards lie three plots of land: 221, 225/1 in 226/2. These plots face the north and their grade can reach up to 35%.  A part of these plots is covered with trees (apples, walnuts, and forest trees). The soil here is dark brown loam.Other plots face the south and are, due to the location of the main building which stands on the ridge, located on the hill whose grade ranges from 15% to 25%. The land is airy and very suitable for an active vineyard due to its exposure to sunlight. The soil is lightly sandy, marly and mid-hard loamy. The vineyard lies in the upper part of the estate, while the lower part is covered with grassland and a fishpond.

Plots of  land:

  • 307/2-the house and the backyard = 1,068 m2

  • 307/9-vineyard & grassland = 13,354 m2

  • 331/1-grassland & fishpond = 3,010 m2

  • 225/1-forest & orchard = 4,769 m2

  • 224-forest = 2,719 m2

  • 226/2-parking lot = 281 m2


Vineyards are planted perpendicularly to the road and grow with the help of a wire trellis of medium height. The grape varieties grown here are: Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Italian Riesling, Pinot Blanc, and Kerner. Total area of the vineyard is approximately 0.8 ha; the rest are arable paths. Vineyard was renewed between 1991 and 1995 and is now 23 years old.